Mr.power Guitar Ukulele Nut/ Bridge Files Filing Tool Set Sander Cuts better and cleaner

  • $14.99


Brand Name: Mr.Power
Model Number: guitar nut file
Type: guitar nut file


Mr.power Guitar Nut Bridge Files

13 x round files ( for the depth of string slots )     

1 x flat file ( for the height of nut and bridge )

Suitable for acoustic guitar and electric guitar, Almost suitable for strings any specification between 008-058 corresponding of the string slots.

The round files are not very sharp, need a little long time to file, but

the string slots will be very smooth, there will be no noise and no uneven vibration.

Size: 5 - 6 CM

It can use for bone and plastic guitar bridge, can't use for matel guitar bridge.

Package Included:

1 x guitar Nut/Bridge File Set.

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