6pcs/set Snare Drum Mute Pad Drum Damper Gel Pads Snare Tom Drum Muffler Mute Transparent 3 Colors for Option

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Model Number: Drum Mute Pad
Hole Diameter: 6mm
Material: Wool Felt

6pcs/set high-quality drum damper gel pads.
For reducing the overtone and making the drum sounds more great.
Sticky and squishy, easy to stick them onto the drum head and won't fall off during performance.
Reusable and never lose their shape, if they get dirty, you can wash them with water.
A great assistant for drum set players.

Material: Gel
Color: Transparent / Coffee/ Blue (optional)
Quantity: 6pcs
Item Size: 3.1 * 2.4 * 0.36cm/ 1.2 * 0.9 * 0.1in
Item Weight: 2g / 0.07oz(1pc)

The drum showed in the picture is not included.

Package List:
1 * Set of Gel Pad(6pcs)

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