10 Inch 8pcs Bell Wood Round Hand Held Kids Tambourine For Children Kindergarten Teaching Musical Percussion Toy

  • $18.99


Size: 10inch
Drum Pad: 10
Style: Conventional Rubber-type Electronic Board
Model Number: Tambourine
Diameter: <10 inch
Divided by Drum Number: 7-drum Kit

So easy to hold, just shake along with your favorite tunes or make up your own rhythms to play.
It will give little ones hours of fun and will encourage toddlers' musical activities.
Great for percussion sounds.
Also great for kindergarten teaching.

Material: Wood
Diameter: Approx. 255mm/10"
Handle Color: Wood
Bells Quantity: 8pcs
Suits for: 3 to 14 years old kids

Package Includes:
1x Tambourine

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